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 About Shreeji Web Solution
In today's business world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to win new customers and business partners. Hence it is imperative that we get to know customers, partners, and employees as unique individuals, winning their trust and loyalty through satisfying their needs on a personalised basis and transforming them into active business partners that provide sustained value over long periods of time. We offer a many services in internet world that meet the needs of our clients at every level.

ShreejiWebSolution.com a company based in Mumbai, India.Founded by team of young Enthusiatic Enterpreneurs in Sept 2005. Having experienced Rapid growth, Shreeji Web Solution is one of the largest Managed Web Hosting company, with more than 48 Resellers in 6 different countries serving over 4200 Clients of Domains today. We have been able to achieve wide network of Clients and Resellers not only in India but Worldwide within a short span of time. ShreejiWebSolution.comproviding major internet solutions & Services.Delivers innovation to the clients by helping them identify on their most important business and technology opportunities and by providing solutions.We plan to have expansion in all the major parts of the country and overseas.

Shreeji Web Solution has a team of highly motivated young individuals with very skill levels in their respective areas. Shreeji Web Solution provides a professional and friendly service to deliver the best.

ShreejiWebSolution.com offer our customers qualified support and are proud to say that we have maintained a 100% customer satisfaction. We want to delight our customers from our initial contact to the continuance of future program execution. We provide timely and courteous support to our customers in need for web solutions, multimedia Solutions and internet support.

ShreejiWebSolution.com are proud to serve to key clients. Client portfolio comprises leading public and private sector organisations, including large Multi-National companies, Finance and Banking companies, Entertainment companies, Printing companies, Interior and Construction companies, Gems and Jewellery companies.

Our Services

  Domain Name Registration / Transfer / Renewal
  Dedicated, Shared and Virtual Web hosting
  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  Game Development
  Multimedia Solution
  Logo Designing
  NoteBook Cover Designing

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